Connection Groups

Follow Jesus with others.

Connection groups exist to help us live out the one-anothers of scripture

What are
Connection Groups?

Connection groups are smaller groups of people who meet in apartments, homes, and dorm rooms all across the Corridor where people of different backgrounds come together as family in Christ Jesus. Each group meets to discuss the teaching from Sunday and how the truth learned is applied in real life.

Groups pray together, eat together, laugh together, encourage one another, and help challenge each other in their walks with Christ.

Personal Spiritual Growth

Connection groups provide a space to take what we learn on Sundays and apply it to our daily lives. By engaging in discussion and reflection within a smaller community, we help each other grow in our maturity as disciples of Jesus. This environment fosters accountability and encourages each member to live out their faith more fully.

Authentic Community

In connection groups, we find a place where we can truly know and be known by others. This intimacy allows for deeper relationships where members can speak the truth of the gospel into each other’s lives, sharing joys, sorrows, struggles, and celebrations. This consistent, committed group becomes a vital source of support and encouragement.

Practical Application of Sermon Teachings

Our connection groups are sermon-based, meaning the primary focus is discussing and applying the teachings from the previous Sunday's sermon. This method helps ensure that what we learn on Sunday doesn’t stay at church but impacts our daily lives. By processing and applying these teachings together, we experience transformation rather than just information.

Core Values


Sometimes group should feel more like a barbecue than a Bible study.


Living out the “one anothers” of the New Testament.


We pursue more than just information, but transformation.


We want to cultivate multiplication at every level – our faith, our groups, our leadership, our church.


Connection groups are groups of 12 to 18 people who meet in homes.
Our groups are for people who are committed to Veritas – they’re not designed for people who are just checking out the church or who attend other churches.
Each group is different and has different rhythms. Some groups provide childcare, while others do not.
The pathway to join a connection group is first through Starting Point which gives an overview of who we are, and then Launch Point which will lay a foundation for you to thrive in a connection group.

Start Here

Launch into the life of our church. We'll meet for four consecutive weeks to discuss discipleship, connection groups, and the next steps you can take to engage in our church.

08 SEP

Launch Point

09:30 AM | Veritas Church - Cedar Rapids

Staff working
with groups

Our Adult staff is committed to raising up leaders and helping you connect into biblical community. Meet the team who make it all possible.

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