Why Membership?

Becoming a member of a local church is a dangerous, but important decision. We believe it is dangerous because it comes with significant responsibilities and isn’t something to be taken lightly. God’s design of the church was brilliant; small local gatherings of people that would disciple one another and provide accountability to one another as a community of believers. Accountability was a distinguishing characteristic of the early church – when someone who claimed to be a follower of Christ pursued a sinful lifestyle the church, as an act of love, rallied around that person and encouraged them to change their ways and pursue God again. Accountability can’t happen if the church doesn’t know who is committed to being a part of the local community of believers, and accountability won’t be effective if individuals don’t invite the church into that role as a spiritual authority in their life.

What does membership mean?

Becoming a member means issuing that invitation to the church to be a spiritual authority in your life. Members commit to joining us in our regular worship gatherings, living life in community with other believers through a connection group, and contributing to the work of the church and the work of the Kingdom by giving of time, talents, and financial resources. Members invite the church to pursue and challenge them when their life doesn’t match what they say they believe about God and the Bible. Veritas Church is also making a huge commitment to our members. We promise to listen, encourage, and help our members in their journey as followers of Jesus. We are excited to commit time, effort, and resources into helping our members pursue and follow Jesus because that’s what God has called us to do as a local church.

Membership doesn’t come with a VIP card and an up front parking spot, but the benefits of becoming a member and committing to a local body of believers has lasting impact for individuals and families, and is an important step in the journey of a believer.

How to become a member

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