We believe strongly in Christ-centered marriages at Veritas. We think they are a celebration of God uniting a man and a woman together into a new family.

Because we believe marriage is an institution created and sustained by God, we believe your wedding is a sacred celebration.

Weddings at Veritas are limited to members of Veritas, children of members, and students actively involved in our college ministry, The Salt Company.

Marriage 101

Veritas requires Marriage 101 to be completed before getting married at Veritas. During this six week class covering God's purpose for marriage, you will have the opportunity to discuss and work through major topics for marriage and will be paired with a mentor couple. Cost is $10 per couple.

Register for Marriage 101

Steps to Scheduling a Wedding

  1. Read "Is having a wedding at Veritas right for me?" and determine if a wedding at Veritas is the best fit for you.
  2. Complete the wedding application form below. If you wish to use a non-Veritas pastor, please contact Austin Spooner at 319-450-0737 for details on how to do so.
  3. Once the form is turned in, a member of our Adult Ministry Team will schedule a meeting with you to get to know you and to set up premarital mentoring.
  4. Once you meet with an Adult Ministry Team member, a staff member will contact you to discuss having your wedding at Veritas and can put a date on the church calendar for your wedding day. A date cannot be reserved until after your meeting with the Adult Ministry Team.
  5. As a part of having a wedding at Veritas, a coordinator will be assigned to you for the rehearsal and day of your wedding. They will work with you in regards to wedding supplies and procedures, unlocking and locking the building, and will assist with any questions during the rehearsal and wedding day. They are not a wedding planner, simply your Veritas contact in regards to your wedding. They will contact you approximately 3 months prior to your wedding day to schedule a time to walk through the building and the details of your wedding together.
Wedding Application  Is a wedding at Veritas right for me?


If you have more questions about weddings contact us online or call the church office at 319-450-0737.

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