Internship & Residency Program


We are a church dedicated to living on mission. What does this look like? We provide contexts and resources in order to raise up people to be mature disciples, and then we send them out as everyday missionaries right in our own community and beyond. It is our passion that God's good news would spread, and the praise of His great name would increase. Our Internship & Residency Programs seek to provide godly men and women with real ministry experience, quality theological training, and an opportunity to be intentionally shaped by a variety of ministry leaders.


At Veritas Church, we don’t want to just hold services, host events, and gather crowds. Our passion is to see a wave of mature disciples raised up and sent out to live as everyday missionaries throughout our city, to other church plants in our nation, and to the ends of the earth to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring glory to our awesome God.


The Internship Program is an eight week immersive program for current college students that will give you opportunities to do meaningful ministry work and become more equipped to do ministry in the future. Relational work and being part of a team is prioritized.


The Residency Program is a twelve month immersive program for recent college graduates that will give you opportunities to do meaningful ministry work and become more equipped to do ministry in the future. Theological education is prioritized while relational ministry work and being a part of a team happens simultaneously.


Veritas Church is a member of The Salt Network of churches. There are over 400 major university campuses in North America. In the next 20 years, The Salt Network is resolved to see a thriving church and college ministry established in these major university centers here and around the globe.

The Salt Network is working to see churches planted, communities strengthened and gospel witnesses extended to the ends of the earth.

Veritas interns and residents get to experience being a part of this vision and form relationships that may lead to more active involvement in future church planting.


Applications are due for both the internship & residency programs by February 28. Interviews with potential interns and residents will be held in March. Interns and residents will be selected and communicated with in March and April.

What have past participants said?

Caroline Gehring

Caroline Gehring

I loved the internship because of how unique the experience was. Being a student leader in Ames, I always had so many questions about the behind the scenes work at a church. This was such a great way to understand how a church functions and to be a part of a church work culture. It was a fun way to get that exposure without committing to a full time job.

Mitchell Malvin

Mitchell Malvin

Getting to see what ministry looks like on a day-to-day basis has been absolutely incredible in helping me grow in my appreciation for the local church. Just seeing the passion and intentionality that everyone here walks in with every single day is so so encouraging, and I think just seeing all of the different issues that the church has to deal with and walk through that I'd just never thought about before really helped me to grow in my appreciation for the local church.

Rachel Compton

Rachel Compton

This internship has helped me grow in so many ways. From a stronger devotion to Christ and a deeper theological understanding, to a growth in appreciation for the local church and genuine relationships with fellow believers. I cannot describe how fantastic this internship was. It showed me, once again, that God is personal and takes great care for His children. He has worked in my life in so many ways and I have grown closer to Him through that.